of IT buyers are more likely to visit the booth of an exhibitor if they have heard of them, read about them, or connected with the exhibitor before the event.

POP Event Marketing Research

Gain insight into what IT buyers look for when they go to events and how marketers can drive meaningful engagement with those buyers before, during, and after them.

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  • IT Buyers Value Expertise & Exposure to New Technologies
  • Things to Avoid in a POP Event Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Event Outreach and On-Site Engagement Are Closely Correlated
  • Meaningful Post-Event Follow-Up Is Critical
  • Successful Event Marketing Follows a Smart POP Playbook

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2017 Tech Event Marketing Insights

[Research Report] Why IT Buyers Respond to Some Exhibitors (and Not Others) at Events

of buyers will walk right by a booth if they’re unfamiliar with the vendor.

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